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More About Bob

From 2013 to 2022, I hiked across and photographed more than 600 bridges throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, studying the manner in which people use bridges besides the obvious use of getting to the other side. In doing so, I found that bridges represent a unique intersection of my geologic and other interests. Bridges are historic, bridges influenced settlement patterns, bridges are decorated, bridges are turned into blank canvases for light shows, bridges serve as centers of government and community, and bridges are converted to use as bike trails. I wrote Bridgespotting to assist other travelers interested in learning about the history and development of their next vacation or business meeting destination, and to provide a resource to communities constructing new bridges or developing options to rehabilitate their old, obsolete bridges. I am a contributor of bridge photos and documentation to the website, having contributed many of their Central Maryland bridges, as well as photo-documentation of Iron Bridge in the United Kingdom.


I also have long standing interests in biking, having completed 17 century rides since my 50th birthday, and theater lighting design, where I have more than 160 credits.  With a long career requiring travel throughout the US and Canada and more than 45 personal trips to Europe, I also enjoy writing travel narratives and feuilletons. Recently retired, I live on a pond in Columbia, Maryland.


Bridgepotting published by Sewell Pond Press

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